79 series Toyota Landcruiser Dual Cab Stereo and Subwoofer options

70 Series Toyota Dual Cab Landcruiser Subwoofer Box

Toyota Landcruiser Dual Cab Subwoofer Box
  • Quality Build 
  • Very Clean Fit
  • Easy to fit
  • To suit 12 inch Subwoofers (see our Online Store for woofer combinations)
  • Available in Various Finishes (carpet/ vinyl)
  • Fits behind the rear seat on the Drivers side
  • Grills provided in Packs for protection
  • Hand Built in Australia

Since the introduction of 79 series Toyota Landcruiser Dual Cab, allot of demand was received for a decent stereo option. We have developed  an extremely neat and easy to fit box that allows for  a 12 inch Subwoofer to fit behind the rear seat furthermore they are all hand built in Australia to the highest standards.

Time as been taken to source vinyl's that match the colour of the factory interior, allowing easy cleaning (unlike carpet variations). We do offer a custom covering option as a result you can option for other colours or fabrics.

We have taken allot of time with design of these box's to ensure a seamless look, even the recessed sub mounts to offer more protection for the subwoofer face.

*Due to size limitations, when using a grill (recommended) the grill will hit on the rear of the seat, but that is why we suggest using a grill 🙂 

Dual Cab 70 Series Landcruiser Subwoofer
Dual Cab Landcruiser Stereo

70 series Toyota Landcruiser Stereo Speaker Door Pods

79 series oyota Landcruiser Stereo Door Cards
79 series Toyota Landcruiser Stereo Door Cards with grill
79 series Toyota Landcruiser Stereo Door Cards


  • Quality Build 
  • Very Clean Fit
  • Easy to fit
  • Keeps factory Map Pocket
  • Available in a Premium Version with pressed mesh grill for added protection and more factory look
  • Thickness 24mm for basic / 36 mm for Premium
  • To suit 6 inch and 6.5 inch Speakers
  • No required steel cutting of the door with AV Concept Speaker Packages
  • Available in various Colours
  • Hand Built in Australia

The biggest complaint we receive from Landcruiser owners, is the quality of the Landcrusier Stereo speakers. It has been very important to retain a factory finish and look. We thought a simple design suited the look of a Landcruiser more than a "flashy curvy" look.

After talking to many Landcruiser owners, it was obvious more preferred no cutting of metal, so with careful design and placement we were able to achieve this with most speakers. This was still achieved with minimal thickness added to the door pods, meaning drivers are less likely to kick the speaker

79 series Toyota Landcruiser Stereo Door
79 series Toyota Landcruiser Stereo Door
79 series Toyota Landcruiser Stereo Subwoofer Solution

70 series Toyota Landcruiser Tweeter Pods

79 series Toyota Landcruiser Stereo Tweeter Pods


  • Very Clean Fit
  • Easy to fit
  • No holes required
  • Designed for tweeters that don't have angle mounts eg Alpine R Series
  • Sprayed in Factory Style Finish
  • Only available with speaker purchases
  • Hand Built in Australia
70 Series Landcruiser Tweeter Mounts
79 Series Landcruiser Tweeter Stereo Mounts