yamaha soundbar

Yamaha continues to set new benchmarks for innovation and simplicity with its range of Surround Sound Bars. Unlike other bars that simply amplify stereo sound from the TV, Yamaha Sound Bars deliver a full surround sound experience from a single bar solution – immersing you in the action of the latest blockbuster.
Delivering a cinema-quality experience without the complexity and clutter of speakers positioned around the room, Yamaha presents a new generation of easy-to-use Sound Bars for maximum enjoyment of movies and music.


Yamaha Surround Sound Bars

YSP Surround Sound Bars


Yamaha YSP-5600 $2,499

Yamaha Flagship Dolby ATMOS + DTS-X 7.1.2 Ch Soundbar.

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Yamaha YSP-1600 $999

2016 Sound and Image Awards Winner “Sound Bar of the year $800 to $1,500” and Winner “Multi-Room Sound Bar of the year”.

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ASX Surround Sound Bars


Yamaha YAS-306 $649

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