Are you in the market for a 4K Projector?  If so, you need to know the real facts about 4K.  The following information has been supplied by Sony and is why we use them.

“What is 4k”


4K is a cinema standard set by DCI. There are only 4 DCI compliant projector brands in the world. Sony uses our own SXRD technology and Christie, Barco and NEC share 3 Chip DLP technology from Texas Instruments.


Native 4K is an aspect ratio of 17:9 or 4096 x 2160. That is approximately 8.8 million pixels.


Sony achieves this by using 3 RGB 4096 x 2160 panels. Effectively to achieve 4k we have over 25 million active pixels across 3 panels.


Sony is a major player in 4k across cinema, planetariums, defense and simulation. The technology we create filters down into our home cinema models.


Sony is the only brand in the world providing NATIVE 4K home cinema currently. JVC has a model that offers UHD 4k with Native UHD 4k panels.


ALL OTHER BRANDS use a shifting technology, despite their marketing claims to achieve this.


JVC – other than the Z1, all other JVC home cinema models use e-shift

Epson – 4K Enhancement is not native 4k, it uses wobbulation, much in the same way that JVC does.

DLP Brands – Optoma, Benq, Casio, Sim2, Barco – all have home cinema or “4k models”, that use the same XPR DLP chip. This is a single 4.1 million panel. 4k is 8.8 million pixels. The XPR use fast switching /wobbulation, on/off/shifting technology (if you want more information, refer to BenQ’s own catalogue for how this works)

There are 100% native 4k DLP projectors out there, just not ones made for home cinema.

Without confusion or marketing trickery, Sony can offer you true, native 4K. Our native 4k projectors are all made in Japan. We have had 4K projectors in the market now since 2011 and by the end of this year we will have 6 native 4k models in our home cinema range, 3 using laser light sources. Our commitment to delivering the very best picture quality has never been stronger.

Sony Projectors


Sony Ultra HD 4K 3D Models  (4096 x 2160)

All these models are Hand Assembled in Japan



VPL-VW520ES Black Front small

Sony VPL-VW550ES $15,999

Sony 4K VPL-VW550ESFor more info, Click here


VPL-VW520ES Black Front small



Sony VPL-VW360ES $10,999

Sony 4K VPL-VW360ES ProjectorFor more info, Click here


VPL-VW520ES Black Front small

Sony VPL-VW260ES $7,999

Sony 4K VPL-VW260ES ProjectorFor more info, Click here



Sony Full HD 3D 1080P Models (1920 x 1080)

VPL-HW65ES Black Front small

Sony VPL-HW40ES white





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