Ford Ranger Dual Cab Subwoofer Stereo Solution
  • Quality Build 
  • 2011 on wards Ford Ranger Dual cab
  • Very Clean Fit
  • To suit 12 inch Subwoofers (see our Online Store for woofer combinations)
  • Custom Colours and finishes available upon request
  • Fits behind the rear seat
  • No modifcation needed
  • Hand Built in Australia

Another very popular dual cab, but the Ford Ranger Stereo options were limited. We have developed a Box that allows for  a quality 12 inch Subwoofer without any sacrifice furthermore all boxes are hand built in Australia to the highest standards.

Time as been taken to create very clean and easy fit and we do offer a custom covering options as a result you can option for other colours or fabrics. 

We have taken allot of time with design of these box's to ensure a seamless look, even the recessed sub mounts to offer more protection for the subwoofer face

Ford Ranger Dual Cab subwoofer Box to suit PX and PX II
Ford Ranger Stereo Package