VF Holden Commodore Stereo Subwoofer Solution

VF Commodore Stereo Solution

  • Quality Built
  • To suit most 12 shallow Woofers
  • Passenger side
  • Easy Fit
  • Covered in Carpet or Vinyl
  • 2013 Onwards
  • Available in packages only
  • Minimal Room used, very tight fit
  • Australian Made


Please understand these are a quality built product, many hours have been spent in manufacturing and development. To help keep the sell Prices lower, we only sell as a package with products. This also helps us guarantee speaker fitment. The tolerances are extremely tight, so not "any" sub fits.

One of the most popular vehicles sold in Australia, but even with the upgrade Bose System the VF Holden Commodore Stereo options were limited. We have developed a Box that allows for a quality 12 inch Shallow Subwoofer without using allot  of space furthermore they are all hand built in Australia to the highest standards.

Time as been taken to create very clean fit to suit the vehicle while still considering audio performance. We do offer custom covering options, as a result you can option for other colours or fabrics.

We have taken a lot of time with the design of these box's to ensure a seamless look, even the recessed sub mounts to offer more protection for the subwoofer face

VF Commodore Stereo Subwoofer Solution
VF Commdore Stereo Subwoofer Solution