Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser Compatible Stereo and Subwoofer Options

Fibreglass Subwoofer Box Compatible with Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single cab 2018

  • To suit 12 inch Shallow Woofers
  • Easy Fit
  • Finished in Hard Wearing Raptor coating for easy clean
  • Custom Finishes available (contact for your application)
  • Available in driver and passenger side
  • Passenger:- jack will need to be moved
  • High Build quality with a minimum 5 layers of fibreglass matt
  • Recessed reinforced front baffle for extra woofer protection and superior looks
  • Water proof
  • Full seat clearance
  • Available in packages only



Sub Box to suit Toyota Landcruiser
Sub box to suit Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Landcruiser is certainly a vehicle that is built to take punishment, so when we set about building our range of 79 series Landcruiser compatible stereo products, build quality and "easy to fit" were at the top of our list.

Naturally they look great, AV Concept has adopted this from years of building show systems. Landcruiser Compatible Subwoofer Boxes are hand built in Australia, finished in tinted Raptor coating with a fine texture spray gun to match interior finishes. All boxes are a minimum thickness of 5 layers of 450 gram fibreglass chop matt and a reinforced front mounting baffle. The subwoofer is mounted in a recess for added protection and better looks.

Fitting is simple and still allows for full seat clearance while still allowing for high quality shallow 12 inch subwoofers. Cleaning is easy, simple wipe down, and obviously water proof. You will still retain your middle pocket as well.


Please understand these are a quality built product, many hours have been spent in manufacturing and development. To help keep the sell Prices lower, we only sell as a package with products. This also helps us guarantee speaker fitment. The tolerances are extremely tight, so not "any" sub fits.

PremiumĀ  Door Speaker Pods Compatible with Toyota Landcruiser Ute

  • Molded Map pocket internally coated in Suede type Finish
  • To suitĀ 6 to 6.5 inch Speakers
  • Easy Fit- bolted to factory holes in the door
  • Finished in hard wearing Raptor Coatings
  • Water Proof
  • No Metal cutting required
  • Suits the style of the car
  • Suits single cab and dual cab
  • Made in Australia
  • Available in Pairs
  • Available in packages only
Landcruiser compatible speaker pods

AV Concept's Premium range of Speaker pods to suit Toyota Landcruiser 70 series are a design like no other on the market, we really wanted to design a hard wearing but also functional speaker pocket.

The style had to work with the Landcruiser interior, with an integrated pocket that is lined with Suede finish, which helps rattles, and a mesh grill for the ultimate protection of your speaker, these pods are like they were meant to be.

Again, these are easy to fit, four M5 Stainless bolts (supplied) line up with the clip holes, allowing the use of nutserts to hold the pods on very tight. Also the speaker location requires no cutting of metal for the speakers supplied in our packages. Finished in Raptor tinted finish these are not only water proof, but very protected against kicking and scratching. These are a full fibreglass build, so quite light, no extra stress on the doors, but very solid mount for the speaker to work. Which is important for the speaker performance.

Tweeter Pods to suit 2018 Landcruiser Ute

  • Very Clean Fit
  • Easy to fit
  • Designed for tweeters that don't have angle mounts eg Alpine R Series
  • Sprayed in Factory Style Finish
  • Only available with speaker purchases
  • Hand Built in Australia
  • 2018 Single cab onwards

2018 Landcruiser Ute compatible tweeter pods

Tweeter location is always important, the seating position in a Toyota Landcruiser is very high, so its important to be able to bring the sound stage up to dash height for better sound quality, also removing the chance to block the frequency from the tweeter when placed lower in the door.

Time was taken to get a sensible angle with out making these to obtrusive, with the combination of a quality tweeter and a good 6.5 inch speaker in the door (with good of axis response) you are heading towards creating a good sounding system, which is usually quite difficult in a car with high seating position, such as a 70 series Landcruiser.