Sub box to suit Volkswagen Amarok


  • to Suit Amarok dual cab
  • Very Clean Fit
  • Easy to fit
  • To suit 10 inch Subwoofers (see our Online Store for woofer combinations)
  • Available for Drivers and Passenger Side
  • Custom Colours and finishes available upon request
  • Fits behind the rear seat
  • Carpet on the rear wall does need to be cut for depth requirements
  • Hand Built in Australia
  • Reinforced recessed front baffle for added woofer protection
  • Minimum of 5 layer of Fiberglass


Please understand these are a quality built product, many hours have been spent in manufacturing and development. To help keep the sell Prices lower, we only sell as a package with products. This also helps us guarantee speaker fitment. The tolerances are extremely tight, so not "any" sub fits.

This is a great option for a Volkswagen Amarok Dual cab stereo upgrade, we have developed one of the very few Boxes that allow for  a quality 10 inch Subwoofer furthermore are all hand built in Australia to the highest standards.

Time as been taken to create very clean fit and if one isn't enough, add another with driver and passenger options. We do offer custom covering options, as a result you can opt for other colours or fabrics.

We have taken a lot of time with the design of these box's to ensure a seamless look, even the recessed sub mounts offer more protection for the subwoofer face as well as increased looks.

These Volkswagen Amarok Subwoofer Boxes are not built just to look good, with a minimum of 5 layers of Fibreglass matt, these are strong as well,which is important for the subwoofers performance

VW Amarok compatible sub box
Volkswagen Amarok compatible stereo
Stereo to suit Amarok